After taking the quiz, your Pokemon will be determined here. There are a vairety of choices. If you dislike what destiny has called out to you, you could always request a retake quiz from the spirit or request that you get a different Pokemon. Warning, your request may or may not go through sometimes.

Your Pokemon!
Nature Male Pokemon Female Pokemon
Brave Pikachu Charmander
Bold Turtwig Squirtle
Calm Chikorita Cydnaquil
Cute Pichu Oshawott
Docile Charmander Bulbasaur
Hardy Torchic Treecko
Hasty Shinx Pikachu
Impish Piplup Chimchar
Intelligent Growlithe Snivy
Jolly Totodile Eevee
Lonely Bulbasaur Mudkip
Naïve Chimchar Skitty
Proud Snivy Tepig
Quiet Treecko Chikorita
Quirky Squirtle Piplup
Rash Mudkip Torchic
Relaxed Phanpy Vulpix
Romantic Nidoran (Male) Nidoran (Female)
Sassy Riolu Totodile
Silly Oshawott Jigglypuff
Strong Tepig Pachirisu
Timid Cydnaquil Turtwig