Teams are a group of users that all collectively work together on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Secret Gardens. Teams work togetehr to become stronger, help each other out, and are usually almost always together in the storyline.

The limit of users everyone can have on a team is 2-4.

Team NamesEdit

Usually when in a team, the team collectively comes up with a team name, usually the team name is something cute, funny, or it fits the team's personality or strength. It is something freely done, and is also a small requirment.

Team DisbanmentEdit

Teams can be disbanded here. If certian users on a team have gotten into too many arguments the team members will be removed from each other. If even after you have been seperated from your team and you continue to cause trouble, the users involved will get a temporary ban. (This only applies realistically and not in the RP's)

Teams can also be disbanded from:

  • Harrassment
  • Mischief
  • Bullying of other users or teams
  • Constant God-Modding (Temporary Disband)
  • Bragging (Temporary Disband)