Rising Dawn's Emblem

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Team Rising Dawn's
Rising Dawn Logo


Whip the Snivy

Driven by





3 (Seeking Water Type)


Whip the Snivy (Leader)

Aura The Riolu (Second In Command)

Fang the Growlithe (Member)

Fork the Shiny Shinx (Newest and youngest member)

Scorcher the Charmander (newest member)

Team Alignment:


current Goal

Level Up

The 'Rising Dawn's' are a very new group, formed by Whip the Snivy and co-founded by Aura the Riolu. The newest member was Fang the Growlithe, and is very intelligent. The team resides in the 'Born Light' guild, where they train and the like.

Current RankEdit


Team MembersEdit

  • Whip the Snivy (#1)
  • Aura the Riolu (#2)
  • Fang the Growlithe(#3)
  • Fork the Shiny Shinx (#4)
  • Scorcher the Charmander (#5)
  • (Seeking new members, preferably a water type, 10 members max)

Pokepoints/ Items in PossessionEdit

Pokepoints Total: 2000Edit

  • 2000 earned by becoming a new rescue team.


  • 2 Oran Berries (Whip's collection)
  • 1 Blast Seed (Whip's collection)
  • 10 Iron Spike (Whips's collection)
  • 1 Silver Spike (Whip's collection)
  • 5 Soda Pop (Aura's collection)
  • 10 Apples (Fork's Collections)
  • 1 Letter(s) of advice (Fork's Collection)


'Born Light' (seeking member ship.)

Team ConversationEdit

((Please try to have good grammar, though I will be scanning for bad grammar and will fix it before I log off- ZX))

Aura: *Drinking Soda Pop*

Fang: *trying to level up*

Aura: Hey Fang.

Fang: Hey Aura. I need to level up to learn Ember.

Aura: I can train with you.

Fang: Awesome!

Aura: *Jumps Down To Fangs Level*

Fang: *sweatdrops* Ok, let's do this!


Fang: ...

Aura: *Dashes At Fang*

Fang: *dodges*

Aura: Nice...

Fang: Thank you! ^^ *charges towards Aura with a Tackle*

Aura: *Jumps Up And Slams Down using Force Palm*

Fang: *flies back but recovers* Alright! How about this! *runs at full speed for a massive tackle*