Welcome to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon The Secret Gardens Wiki[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the World of Pokemon! Here is a free place to create teams, make new friends, receive missions, and live in a whole new world of excitement! Here at the Secret Gardens, we hope you have a fun and wonderful time here!

The Quiz and the Beginning![edit | edit source]

Please visit here to take your quiz destiny will be kind to you: PMD Secret Gardens Quiz

Once you are finished visit here to find out your Pokemon

Having a hard time finding a team? Go to the meeting area and find people who are also looking for a team and new friends! Or visit the chatroom and talk to a few users! Who know maybe you'll meet an experience explorer willing to train you? Or maybe even help you find your way around!

There are many possibilities! Be safe, and have fun!

Latest activity[edit | edit source]

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