"There is this continuing thought that the good weigh out the bad, and all evil must be destroyed in order to save this world.

And we all complain "the world will die, this world is evil."

But that's not true.

The only way this world will die is if the pain we all continue to go through ceases, evil is not born, we create it. When will everyone see? We can help each other, why must we constantly seek and encourage the pain we bring onto each other?"

Moonlight (Windborn) the Ninetales
Art credit to me
Flash Fire
* Flamethrower
     * Confuse Ray
     * Ember
* Quick Attack
* Mother-Shineheart the Glaceon (Adoptive)
     * Father-Dusk the Umbreon (Adoptive)
* Sister-Dewsong the Espeon (Adoptive)

Moonlight is a Ninetales, leader of the Born Light Guild.


Moonlight is a fairly mysterious character. She is pretty laid-back, wise, and a good advise giver. Although many people expect her to only be serious, she actually has a very good sense of humor and treats any young apprentice like a friend of hers.

She is claustrophobic and she has a fear of Electivers. She also tends to be surprisingly impatient when in a dungeon too long and begins complaining. Mainly because she doesn't want to be caught in a "Dungeon Kick-Out" .



Originally, Moonlight was supposed to be a human child, but that life was destroyed as an outcome of being a miscaridged child. The spirits of life had tried again but she only lived to 3 years old to be run over by a car.The spirits finally decided she had one more chance on life, they wanted to send her to the human world, but optioned against it and sent her to the Pokemon world as a Vulpix. Although, to prevent another accident, she was not given a birth mother and was instead put in a place where the Glaceon, Shineheart, would find her. And after much debate with her husband Dusk, an Umbreon, finally decided to adopt her.

The debate the two had was about whether or not adopting a strange Vulpix was a good idea. Because they knew in the future, when she evolved, she could grow up to be cursed. (The Ninetales Tails Legend. Not the same one though.)

Due to her past incidents, she is Claustraphobic and is strangely frightened of Electivier. (They remind of of car wiring, although she doesn't remember her past lives fully.)

New LifeEdit


Adoptive Parents

  • Mom-Shineheart the Glaceon
  • Dad-Dusk the Umbreon
  • Sister-Dewsong the Espeon

Guildmaster: Born Light GuildEdit