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Missions are jobs explorers and rescuers do as part of their training. They are very important to help rank growth, and to level up.

Missions can range from simple rescues or item retrievements to major storyline important missions.

Job List MissionsEdit

Job List Missions are simply missions that are your choice to do. You visit the Job Board and choose any of them. although it is recommended you do not choose anything over your rank.

Guild MissionsEdit

Guild Missions are missions that the Guildmasters specifically ask you to do, sometimes they may require it. You can choose to deny the mission if your guildmaster gives you a choice, but it would be a good idea to give your Guildmaster a good impression of you.

Story MissionsEdit

Story Missions are missions that you are required to do according to the storyline. Sometimes, depending on the stoyline, the entire website participates in the same mission, even sometimes as a contest.