Jango is a Teddiursa Who is not completely normal. Jango wears a Brown Burlap Hood with holes for his ears to stick out, and he has a white circle on his stomach like Ursaring.


Jango is a Teddiursa who has both tatoos of both his evolutions, the Cresent moon on his forehead and the Ring on his belly. Jango likes to think of himself as a cute little bear with potential for a rescue team, but despite his Efforts Team diamond fang wouldn't recruit him because they already had enough people. Jango has wanted to be apart of a team, but has not found any applications so as he waits he hangs around with team diamond fang messing with them every now and then.


Jango as stated above is a normal Teddiursa with both the tatoos of Teddiursa and Ursaring. He has both the markings and appearance of an ursaring and the markings and appearance of a Teddiursa. Jango also has a Brown hood that he wears almost all the time. He likes to pretend it's the symbol of a rescue team but he knows it's not.


Jay-Jay: best friend and trolling buddy X3

Mini Jango: a smaller form of Jango who has a smaller attension span and a bigger variety of ways to bend reality

Stats, Abilities, and MovesEdit


HP: 60

Attack: 80

Defense: 50

SP Attack: 50

SP Defense: 50

Speed: 40

Lvl: 9

Moves ListEdit

Move Att. Acc. PP Effect %
Covet 60 100 40 --
Scratch 40 100 35 --
Furry Swipes 18 80 15 --
Lick 20 100 30 30

Ability: Quick Feet