James is the Right hand man of Pokemon Rescue Team "Diamond Fang".

James is a serious character who tries to keep things under control, but takes excitement from a challenge once in awhile. He is mainly so serious cause he has to take care of his little wild friend Daniel, a Pikachu not only with a crazy appetite for adventure, but also a huge craving for Mexican foods.

James is also a very talented cook and is the reason why Daniel puts up with his serious side.


James started out at a Pokemon orphanage where he found poor Daniel out in the rain.

He and his friend Gregor (a Turtwig who is the third in command of team Diamond Fang) took Daniel back to safety, nearly putting out his own flame. Daniel, soon growing to trust and befriend his rescuers soon became a new friend and team member. They have been buddies ever since then taking on their own unofficial but adventure packed missions together.


James is a red Chimchar but more of a crimson red than the average shiny Chimchar. There is nothing different between him normal Chimchars except for one thing, which is the fact that he has an insignia of a Dragon on his right hand. James wears a red ruby fang on a necklace as well.

Stats, Abilities, and MovesEdit

(these stats come from Serebii, that are the actual Base stats of a Chimchar and actual stats for moves)

Level: 10

HP: 44

Attack: 58

Defense: 44

SP Attack: 58

SP Defense: 44

Speed: 61

Ability: Blaze: When HP is Bellow 1/3rd, Fire's power Increases to 1.5x.

Moves Type Att. Acc. PP Effect % Lvl
Scratch Normal 40 100 35 -- --
Leer Normal -- 100 30 -- --
Ember Fire 40 100 25 10 7
Taunt Dark -- 100 20 -- 9


(Some of these are Replies of Daniel's Quotes)

("Calm down James. Whats life with out a bit a' risk, huh?") "You take to much risk -_-"

("Heck of a day to be in this situation, ain't it?") "Surrounded by thousands of Tauros...i think not"

"Whoever said I was alone"

"Daniel is a risk taker, Jason is a Rule Breaker, Gregor is a Dare Devil, and i'm the Buzzkill...Figures, don't it?"