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Heart was the most shyest Pikachu on the Planet. She couldent make friends, fight on her own or even take a joke. But one day, a red shooting star fell from the heavens and was comming towards her when it landed it didnt explode. It was Really a Riolu named Apallo. In his hand was a Relic of somesourt. After Many Adventures with Apallo, Heart became his bestfriend and partner. When Apallo's Quest was over her soft heart broke and sunk into a depression due to the unfair loss of her first friend. 3 Months later Apallo Returned and thier Adventures Contitued.

Current StatusEdit

Level: 9

Attack: 10

S.Attack: 15

Defence: 10

S.Defence: 12

EXP.: 700/800

Current MovesEdit


Tail Whip