Guildmasters are users chosen and voted by the website to lead and create their own guild. Guildmasters are very important and hold very responsible roles.

Guildmaster StatusEdit

(Right now a contest will be held, but about 2-3 months after the contest this is the way to become a guildmaster)

To become a guildmaster is a very difficult task. First, you must be approved by me by asking on my talk page. To get my approval I will need to look at your attitude on the wiki and your experience.

You will also need about 2,000 edits, You must have experience on the wiki, about 8-9 weeks, and a very loose but important rule, but you must have acceptable grammar. We need to have Guildmasters we can understand.

After being a guildmaster for awhile I will decide when you are ready for a Mod status.

Guildmaster RulesEdit

Every Guildmaster is expected to follow this code:

  • Enforce the rules, if any of your apprentices(users) or any other Guildmaster's apprentices you must warn them, if the activity continues come to me.
  • Be respectful. If you have a problem with your apprentices, you have your rights to lead them in the right direction, but do not disrespect them. Treat them as you would want them to treat you.
  • Be a leader. Don't act scared and don't be afraid to stand up. Your apprentices are looking up to you, make yourself a good role-model.
  • Don't abuse your power. If I catch you abusing your power by constantly blocking apprentices you don't like or deleting pages randomly I will remove your status.
  • Be friendly! No one likes a grump, have a little fun and loosen up :3 (This does not apply if your character is supposed to be sort of the serious one of the group)

Current GuildmastersEdit

Admin- VegasFox - Born Light Guild - Character:Moonlight