The Blazing Elementals Emblem

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The Blazing Elementals is a new guild formed by Dynamo the Dragonite (formerly known as Whip the Snivy). The guild focuses more on elemental/ type damage than anything else, but do offer more training than what is mentioned above.


The guild is mostly made of the classic fire, water and grass types of pokemon, but there are plenty of other types as well. The guild is more accepting than more, but keeps it's eyes on the new members/ teams that have entered. Upon accepted membership, the members are given a medal/ emblem or sorts (see right), which proves that they are fully fledged members of the guild therefore, giving them full access to all the facilities the guild has to offer. The guild is more inclined to doing missions than community service, and therefore will offer more missions than most of the other guilds, but some prefer the community service role.

Entrance/ RecruitmentEdit

The entrance into the guild is rather easy, as you are accepted almost immediately, however to gain full access to the guild, you need to have done;

  1. 5 missions
  2. 2 community service &
  3. A test of the heart (this is done after all the missions and community service, it is a way of seeing the pokemons true colours and whether they get full access, need a retake or immediate expulsion from the guild permanitly, no matter if a change of heart has occurred. If a team is put up to the test, the majority will decide if it to remain (E.g If 3 passed and 1 failed, then they would be granted full access and vice versa if the opposite is true.)


This is a basic list of who's who in the guild, the basic format is (Dynamo the Dragonite: Joined: 30/ 1/ 2012: Rank: Guildmaster)


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