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Guardian the Riolu




Inner Focus

Attacks/ Moveset:

  • Quick Attack
  • Sky Uppercut








Mother and Father


His Aura Amulet, training, people who respect him & Aureo.


Airborne birds(He accepts the grounded variety (E.g of a grounded one, Torchic), any & all psychic pokemon, pushovers, people telling him what to do & losing people.

Life On The RunEdit

Guardian has spent his life running. He ran to train, fight and avoid the hunters trying to take his life and fur. The only friend he had ever known was Aureo, a Treecko with power over Aura and a liking for biscuits. Aureo and Guardian had been split up while training in a vast jungle. They had both had the same dream, to join a guild together, and Guardian hopes very much that Aureo will be able to get to the same guild, or at least get renowned enough for Guardian to be able to find him.

Settled LifeEdit

After reuniting with Aureo, who had found out he had once been human, they had taken residence next to a small civilisation with a Kecleon shop, a Kangaskhan bank, Gulpin move linker and a multitude of other shops. Whilst there, they carried out lots of rescues, but Aureo was also accused of being the human in the Ninetales legend. They fled the town, as fugitives, and during their travels faced many challenges, like fighting Moltres and Articuno. Eventually, they hunted down Ninetales, and revealed to the world that Aureo was NOT the human from the legend. They continued their adventures until finally they had their biggest challenge to face. They would have to face Rayquaza to convince it to smash a meteor that was heading straight for the Pokemon World. After this, it was revealed that it was the reason Aureo had been turned into a Pokemon, and that he would be turning back into a human, and would have to leave his friends, to his displeasure. Guardian suffered a mental breakdown in sadness, losing all memory but his name and a love for Treeckos. And again he ran. All he wanted was a friend- a friend he could have for life. He cries himself to sleep at night, which is all he does other than continue to still go running.




Very Speedy

Highly Powerful

Highly Smart

Low defences

Low HP


Father: Flamefoot the Blaziken. Mother: Auraspirit the Lucario.