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"My flame's small, but I'll do my best!" ~ Charmander

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Hi and welcome to the Item Fusion Shop! Here we will gladly mix two of your item's to make one heck of a weapon or a good power-up! Please note though, not ALL items can be mixed together, here is a list of what I can currently combine for you and how the new item will support you:


(1 Item + 1 Item = Item , Price)

Scarf ItemsEdit

  1. Charcol Scarf
  2. Berryjuice Scarf
  3. Water Scarf
  4. Fire Scarf
  5. Grass Scaf
  6. Wing Scarf
  7. Grey Scarf


  1. Metal Snippers
  2. Metal Club
  3. Spike Glove
  4. Cement Shoes
  5. Berryjuice Gloves/Boots