Fork the Shiny Eevee
Spr 4p 403 f s



??? (Scar form)



27 (Scar Form)


7 (About to turn 8)

21 (Scar form)


Tackle (Normal, Leer (Normal), Thunder Fang (Electric (Egg Move)), Charge (Electric)

Rainbow Tackle, Ultimate Leer, Dream Fang, All-Mighty Charge (All Scar Form)






Desserts, Plains, Forests, His Dad, Exploring,


Mean People, Being told what to do by other kids or slightly older kids, Scary Pokemon, Yelling,



Fork is an adventurous young Shiny Shinx who looks up to his father. Wishing to fill his fathers big footsteps he is currently searching for a guild to join.


Fork was born to a female Jolteon and a male Luxray who he admires greatly due to the titanic journey they embarked on as kids. His shiny status and him looking like his father opposed to his mother were due to his father wishing for him to be unique while his mother was pregnant. His father always takes him on exploring journeys which sparked his interest in guilds and exploring.

He is now searching for a guild to join.


Though Fork is very curious and adventurous he is also a coward. If his father or an adult isn't with him he'll start to cry and won't goto a dark or menacing place. He also doesn't train or want to fight unless he's rough-housing with his dad. He is also sometimes referred to as a spoiled brat.


  • Father- He has a very close relationship with his dad. All his dad wants is for him to become an all powerful explorer and hopes one day he'll surpass him. Though his father can sometimes overwork the young pokemon and that's how Fork got his scar.


When Fork was five his father took him to wish cave nad the two trekked further into the cave. Soon though Fork was attacked by a high-level outlaw; his faqther tried his best to stop him but by the time the outlaw was defeated Fork's stomach was bleeding and in critical condition. When he brought Fork back home his mother became angry and attacked Fork's father. Fork's mom was almost killed when Fork's wound healed into a bright rapidly color scar. Due to it sucking up the energy in the wish cave whenever the scar is attacked his power will triple, he gains altered powers and his age triples as well. Though the stat boost only lasts about 1-2 turns.