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Geo the Luxray
120px-Volkner Luxray Thunder Fang
Wild Charge (Electric), Crunch (Dark), Charge Beam (Electric), Thunder Fang (Electric),
Fork (Son) Jolteon (Wife)
His son,his wife,thunder storms, being the leader, Wish Cave, Jarachi
Being a pokemon, Outlaws,

Fork's father is a well-known Luxray who graduated from Wigglytuff's guild along with his wife when they were just a Shinx and Eevee....


For his childhood see:[1]

After graduating from Wiggltuff's guild he decided to go to Spinda's cafe one day and heard about a crime group that was forming. He told Wigglytuff and the others but they along with the police failed to stop the group from destroying half of the town. Luxray feeling it was his fault for not trying to diffuse the group himself leaves the guild permanantly. He, Jolteon and all the new people they recruited made a new guild and the group went around protecting weak Pokemon all over the land unfortunately Luxray ran out of money and couldn't pay all of the new recruits so they left the group. Then he fell in a deep depression in which he managed to escape from Jolteons side and run away to the deep plains where he would form a small kingdom in which he became king. Though he realised to become king he needed a queen by his side and not just any queen, a lion-like queen. Realising the perfect woman he ran out to find Jolteon only to discover she had become twice as depressed as he had. She was crushed that Luxray abadoned her to fend for himself and even more crushed due to Luxray only wanting her so her can get the title of king. After weeks of begging and exploring the two fell back in love and the two married.

The Luxray began to feel distant, wanting to be human again but not knowing how to change back and Jolteon was pregnant so he had a child to worry about. So he travelled to Wish Cave and gathered the Wishing Stones. After pondering what to wish for he decided to wish for his son to be unique. When he came back to his kingdom he discovered that his child had been born and decided to name him Fork. The two became good friends and he started taking Fork out on explorations to make the kingdom a more interesting place.

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